Required Initial Data

Load basic data :

make load_data
note:This command will load default users, groups, default values for lists… in French and English. So you need to enable EN and FR at least in etc/settings.ini

Required Super User

bin/django createsuperuser

You will be prompted to enter an username, a password and mail address for your super user. This first user will allow you to login in Geotrek, having all permissions to create and manage other users.

Prerequisites for your data


  • WMS (scan + ortho)
  • Projection
  • Bounding box in native projection


  • Only LineString geometries
  • Simple geometries
  • Not overlapping

If possible :

  • Connex graph
  • Name column
  • Data source

Formats: Shapefile or pure SQL dump SQL (CREATE TABLE + INSERT)


  • Cities polygons (Shapefile or SQL, simple and valid Multi-Polygons)
  • Districts (Shapefile ou SQL, simple and valid Multi-Polygons)
  • Restricted Areas (Shapefile ou SQL, simple and valid Multi-Polygons)


  • Languages list
  • Structures list (and default one)

Load MNT raster

In QGIS, you can visualize your DEM, or merge several tiles together (in Raster > Misc > Merge).

Generate a GeoTIFF, and upload both files (.tif + .tfw) on the server. And use the Geotrek command to load it into PostGIS :

bin/django loaddem <PATH>/dem.tif
note:This command makes use of GDAL and raster2pgsql internally. It therefore supports all GDAL raster input formats. You can list these formats with the command raster2pgsql -G.