Installation outputs a lot of database FATAL ERROR

Data schema migrations code do not inspect the database before executing commands. When appropriate, errors are skipped in python code, but PostgreSQL error output still remains.

Installation script hangs on syncdb –migrate

This command is in charge of changing the database schema [1].

Make sure you close every pgADMIN session on the database while upgrading.


No paths in list, where table contains records

Check that the projection of your data is correct.

Check that the extent of the map covers your data, using the extents tool at http://server/tools/extents/.

No background tiles

Check the values of your WMS settings (server name should end with ?, layers names should exist on server).

Error at loading DEM

Check that your extent (spatial_extent) is completely contained in your DEM.

502 Bad Gateway

If the application does not show up (502 Bad Gateway), make sure the Geotrek services run with the following commands :

sudo supervisorctl status

You may want to force their restart :

sudo supervisorctl restart all

If they don’t stay alive, check the log files in the var/log/ folder. It might come from a configuration problem.