Geotrek-admin logs are stored in /opt/geotrek-admin/var/log/geotrek.log file.

But if Geotrek-admin does not start, take a look to systemd logs for each of the 3 Geotrek-admin services (user web interface, API and asynchronous tasks):

sudo journalctl -eu geotrek-ui
sudo journalctl -eu geotrek-api
sudo journalctl -eu geotrek-celery

The output is paginated. With -e option you are at the end of the logs but you can go up an down with arrows. Type Q to quit. If you want to copy the log to a file, do:

sudo journalctl -u geotrek-ui > systemd-geotrek-ui.log

Frequent problems encountered

Error 500 with django.db.utils.IntegrityError … NOT NULL for column “language”

django.db.utils.IntegrityError: ERREUR: une valeur NULL viole la contrainte NOT NULL de la colonne « language »

This means specific migrations for translated fields have not been executed on database during update. You have to run them manually, classical migrations included:

geotrek migrate
geotrek sync_translation_fields
geotrek update_translation_fields
geotrek update_geotrek_permissions
geotrek update_post_migration_languages