Loading data

Prerequisites for your data


  • WMTS protocol

  • WebMercator Projection


  • Only LineString geometries

  • Simple geometries

  • Not overlapping

If possible:

  • Connex graph

  • Name column

  • Data source

Formats: Shapefile or pure SQL dump (CREATE TABLE + INSERT)


  • Cities polygons (Shapefile or SQL, simple and valid Multi-Polygons)

  • Districts (Shapefile ou SQL, simple and valid Multi-Polygons)

  • Restricted Areas (Shapefile ou SQL, simple and valid Multi-Polygons)


  • Languages list

  • Structures list (and default one)

Load MNT raster

In QGIS, you can visualize your DEM, or merge several tiles together (in Raster > Misc > Merge).

Generate a GeoTIFF, and upload both files (.tif + .tfw) on the server. And use the Geotrek-admin command to load it into PostGIS :

sudo geotrek loaddem <PATH>/dem.tif


This command makes use of GDAL and raster2pgsql internally. It therefore supports all GDAL raster input formats. You can list these formats with the command raster2pgsql -G.


If you only have a .tif file, you can generate the .tfw file with the command gdal_translate -co "TFW=YES" in.tif out.tif. It will generate a new .tif file with its .tfw metadata file.


If you want to update the altimetry of the topologies you need to use the option : –update-altimery