Docker is an alternative installation method, recommended for experts only. It allows to install several instances of Geotrek-admin on the same serveur, and to install it on other distributions than Ubuntu Linux 18.04.


  1. Install Docker and Docker Compose, either from your distribution or from upstream packages (cf.

  2. Download the code from or checkout it with git from

  3. Unzip the tarball

  4. Copy docker-compose-prod.yml to docker-compose.yml and edit to feed your needs if necessary

  5. Copy .env-prod.dist to .env and edit to feed your needs if necessary

  6. Create user and database, enable PostGIS extension

  7. Run docker-compose run --rm web

  8. Run docker-compose up

  9. Install NGINX (or equivalent) and add a configuration file (taking inspiration from

Management commands

Replace sudo geotrek commands by cd <install directory>; docker-compose run --rm web ./

To load minimal data and create an application superuser, run :

docker-compose run --rm web
docker-compose run --rm web ./ createsuperuser